Potatoes Bees and Beetroot

Zac is talking about growing Beetroot, Something else from Northland

Garden in progress

My potatoes are coming up. We covered them with more compost mix. We got it from the compost bin. Mum said it was made from all the old soil from our pots, and some small bits of wood and bark and old vegetables. I could see the worms in it. 

I made some bee hives out of old bumble bee hives. I put in some straw for bedding. I had a bee in it this morning and it is still in there. We are going to get bumble bee hives soon. Then me and Connor willl have a bumble bee hive and a bee hive. 

Mum picked some beetroot from my garden today. Mum said we are going to try and build the new garden next week. 

I am in the paper today with some of our BMX club as well. We holding our plates and trophies. 

Mum found some little yams out in the garden today. So she put them in a bucket. 

Dictated to mum