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Garden ready!

I am so excited!!!! My first successful crop of potatoes – we love potatoes.

Two years ago, just before Christmas, we got our paddock ploughed up to turn into gardens. We spent New Years Eve planting potatoes. We knew it was a bit late to plant potatoes, but we figured we would be happy with even a small return for our efforts. What a disappointment – we ended up with 6 marble sized potatoes – we gave up even looking for them after digging up the first half of the first row (we planted about 10 × 30 metre rows!). We had no irrigation to this garden, and we had drought conditions that summer…….

Last year, we planted earlier – the end of October. These did quite well until a bug invasion….. We ended up with a few decent potatoes and millions of marble-sized ones.

This year, we planted early September – we have had all weather extremes – dry spells, floods, hail, wind…… Today I thought I would have a little ferret around under my most poorly variety to see if anything was growing – I came across some perfect, small potatoes, so fingers crossed they will just continue to grow. Then I saw that the plants that had started flowering mid October were looking a little “tired” a little dig resulted in a decent-sized spud – I ended up harvesting 4 – 5 plants and was very happy with my over-flowing bucketful.

I did not hill up the spuds as much as I had intended – the rows are quite close, so I ran out of “spare” dirt – but of the bucketful I harvested, luckily, only one had a tinge of green. I don’t know what variety they are – just some bought organic ones I set aside to grow because they were yummy :o)