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My tomato flowers

Zac is talking about growing Tomato from Northland

Dictated to mum

I have flowers growng on my bucket tomatoes but not in my garden. I wonder if I will get tomatoes for christmas time. 

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My Cabbage

Connor B is talking about growing Cabbage from Northland

it has been really cold and windy and rainy again. My garden is still growing but not as fast as last year. My cabbages are getting bigger. I am glad I kept it in becaseu they are getting really big. We have been making coleslaw with the other ...

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DIY Compost

Simone - Picnics and Paddocks is talking about growing Beans from Northland

After struggling to find a compost that I like in the shops I decided that I’d do a bit of research and learn how to make my own compost. I want to start transitioning to organic gardening, but with being vegetarian I don’t like the...

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A first for me!

Midlife Gardener is talking about growing Capsicum, Tomato, Something else from Northland

I managed to beat everyone to our first tomato! The kids are busy watching the little ones growing on their plants and the ones growing in the main tomato bed, but no-one - apart from me that is - was keeping an eye on the volunteer plants in t...

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Giant Freckles Lettuce And Thunder Storms

Simone - Picnics and Paddocks is talking about growing Lettuce, Tomato from Northland

This afternoon and during the early evening we've had constant rain, followed by lots of thunder. I so desperately want to be out in my garden, but there's really not a lot you can do in weather like that. All I managed to do was to zip out to ...

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