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Thanks Yates!!

Clare H is talking about growing Peas, Tomato from Hawke's Bay

What a treat, a big box of gardening goodies arrived today, my prize from the 2nd Mini Challenge. Made my day! My thanks to Sarah & the Team at Yates.

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Next plants in the garden over the long weekend...

LOW is talking about growing Spinach, Tomato from Hawke's Bay

Got my tomatoes in now :)

Also have some spinich in the front there too :) Great for me and my Rabbit Diesel loves this fresh veg too :)

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Broccoli just keeps on sprouting

Clare H is talking about growing Broad beans from Hawke's Bay

I still have some winter crops in the garden, just remove them if the get buggy or I need the space. 

But I will leave the Broccoli til last. because it is soooo productive. After the main head is cut they just kee...

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Battling the birds!

Clare H is talking about growing Beans, Beetroot, Peas from Hawke's Bay

I love having birds in our garden, we actively encourage them to stay around. BUT at this time of year they reeeeally test me with their frantic efforts digging everywhere in the vege patch in order to feed their chicks. <...

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Visiting friends in Rotorua, & planting beetroot

Clare H is talking about growing Beetroot from Hawke's Bay

I was away for the weekend & was blown away at the colour of this spectacular Rhodo in my frends' garden. It was full of bees too.

Now back to my own & have transplanted out the first round of my beetroot seedlings. Nothing to s...

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