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Excited to start!

Mikalia Anderson is talking about growing Beetroot, Broccoli, Pumpkin, Tomato from Canterbury

Well, I usually just plant seedlings but this year I thought I'd give seeds a go. I'm no "great gardener" that's for sure! But last year I surprised myself with a functional (non dying) vege garden for the first time so I'm doing it all again t...

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Not-So Grand Beginnings

Edna is talking about growing Beetroot, Radish, Tomato from Manawatu-Wanganui

The extent of my vege growing expertise is limited to a couple of tomato plants last summer and some perpetual spinach that I've harvested leaves off two times so far, but I thought I'd give this gardening challenge a go. 

I read i...

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CarolJane - Waikato is talking about growing Beetroot, Cabbage, Carrot, Celery, Chilli, Herbs, Silverbeet, Something else from Waikato

I did think I would get some gardening done today but alas helping the new person in the job I retired from last month took a lot longer than I reckoned on, thus by the time I got home it was a bit to late. Oh a red wine to calm the nerves firs...

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Just getting started

Clare H is talking about growing Beetroot, Lettuce, Spinach from Hawke's Bay

I'm a bit late getting started this spring. It's been cool and rather wet so I stayed indoors! But I hope to make up for lost time now and have made a start sowing beetroot, lettuce & perpetual spinach in containers today. And am chitting b...

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Little Baby Plants

Marsden Playcentre is talking about growing Beetroot, Broccoli, Something else from Northland

Our little plant babies are loving where we have them situated and are sprouting well. In fact much better than my personal collection at home. our Tamariki love to water them a little too much so we have made a pallet baracade around them. All...

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