Big fat juicy broccoli with a caterpillar on top.

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Hope they flower soon,my broccoli plants are beautiful, big, bushy and healthy, just a wee bit more sunshine would help!  

I have lettuce coming out my ears, and best of all, its all pre-washed!  Mesculin mix, and summer mix and some ball head types as well, everything I eat is going to be crunchy!

The beans are coping well with the wind and rain, and in a few more days I do believe I am doing to be able to harvest a handfull of beans to snack on!  Still havn’t got around to planting out some more, like I said, I blame the lack of sunshine.

Tomatoes are all doing amazingly, my YATES summerstar lonely tomato has a nice thick trunk, I mean stalk, and looks as though it will be able to happily support all the fruit it will bear for me.

Carrots are now ready to be baby carrots, I snuck a look under the blanket (ie – dug around the root in the dirt) and there are nice finger thick, long, orange treats just waiting to be nibbled!

Sadly, my nemisis this season has been the humble capsicum.  I drowned/suffocated/burnt all my seeds, and had to resort to buying a yellow banana capsicum plant (wich is doing very nicely, and flowering) and some planted some seeds from a shop brought big fat red capsicum.  Note to self for next year – be kind to your capsicum!