Friday with a dampner....

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Friday and raining still (damp) and for most and generally me it is TGIF and a two day weekend. But to put a dampner on things, and I am not talking rain, I will have  to go to work over the weekend in order to be able to take leave. Just 3 days AL but 11 days on total which I am soooooo looking forward to. Have not had leave in 19 months so it will be lovely.

I am not making any plans to go galavanting about as feel I need some TLC rest and of course garden time which to me is therapeutic.

Well as all the other staff starting quitting at 3pm today I thought I would make a move about 5 thinking I would not be last person out. ALAS 5.40 and I am last person out. LIght out lock up and away quite a bit earlier than I have been.

This gave me a chance to check the garden and move foliage about to discover some wonderful treats.

The DWARF BEANS are laden, there’s a big ZUCCHINI and the SQUASH are multiplying.  Lots of flowers on the RUNNER BEANS and TOMATOES and even one SWEET CORN plant is flowering.

YES I can press success button as it looks as though I have a glut of food ready and coming on. I am stoked at the way things have grown in the last week.

There’s a LETTUCE jungle out there, the CAPSICUM have near doubled in size, 4 BROCCOLI have decided to grow after being threatened with the compost bin and more CARROT seedlings have decided to join the garden buddies and form real vegie leaves.

All in all I am very happy

Happy gardening and or watching

Carol Jane – Waikato