Planting seeds

Freeshann1 is talking about growing Beans, Broccoli, Capsicum, Carrot, Tomato, Lettuce from Auckland

So… My husband has finished off the raised bed vege garden for me….so I better get busy and grow things!!

Last week I bought 4 bags of compost…not enough, I guess I will head back next week for more… it got me started. I planted the seedlings (from seeds I planted in trays a while ago…I dont need to get into the habit of noting down when I actually plant things, I can never remember when they are supposed to hatch!) So anyway, they popped up, so I decided it was time to get stuff out into the real garden.

5 little tomato plants (not idea what species anymore!) 4 or 5 lettuces, 1 gerkin and about 9 brocolli…or were they cauliflower…have to wait and see I guess!

And then, the excitement set in and I planted “directly into the ground” some butterbeans, carrots, rocket and peas. And some more seeds into trays, silverbeet, more tomatoes, capsicum…. hmmm now I guess I need to wait and see what the other ones were!

I wonder how crazy and overgrown my garden will look this year! Cant wait to get the dehydrater out and start drying those tomatoes!y

Oooo, photos, must get the camera out tommorrow and show my empty looking but tidy (and full of seeds) garden!