Rain Rain Rain

Freeshann1 is talking about growing Tomato, Lettuce from Auckland


This is crazy, so much rain and not enough sunshine to get out and get stuff done. I even started training up my son to water the garden each morning…he did it once and then it rained every other day!

But things are still growing…. so at least I’ve got that!?!?

I planted out 5 tomato plants last time and one of them has dissapeared, but I didnt really hold out that much hope for that little guy anyway…and now I have more tomato seeds just sprouting in the tray thingies. Tomatoes are my favourite!

My gerkin seems to be coming along well…and I’m even starting to feel inpired about pickling them or whatever you do there….I hate gerkins! My husband gave me the pack of seeds as a birthday present!!

The lettuces, these take far longer than I want, it’s been a whole week and I still cant eat them! But at least the snails havent feasted on them yet! They look so cute though and the new seeds I planted just before the last post have sprouted and a little patch of rocket too, I have never had rocket before so I am looking forward to some spicey salads in the next month….or so.

I remembered a picture, it’s an ariel shot of the beginnings…. not really that much happening….except the Nikau Palm which is really taking off!!!