Josh and Aliya is talking about growing Tomato, Lettuce from Southland


Im posting this a day late because even tho I had a 4am start to the day I was sooo incredibly tired thanks to children not sleeping well and getting me up early that I didnt accomplish much.

I did get into the garden long enough to grab some photos to post and show you my failings (shame!).

  1. Babies I didn’t re-home sitting in my oven tray starting to flower 
  2. Un-planted pumpkins and more seedlings with nowhere to go (well the pumpkins are going to get put in my sisters garden when I find the time)
  3. Lettuces crammed into a planter box because they were too hard to separate from me sowing seeds way to close together and leaving them too long
  4. Flattened and broken potato plants thanks to a certain furry family member

Next post will have all the exciting things happening on saturday in it so keep a change of undies nearby incase its too much for you all!!!!!!