Garden Award Ceremony

Josh and Aliya is talking about growing Capsicum, Carrot, Tomato, Zucchini, Lettuce, Beans from Southland


I’ve decided now is as good a time as any to assess just how well my garden grew and give out some prizes. (Plus I cant remember what day the challenge finishes so thought I would wrap things up before its too late)

  1. Surprise Success Award – Capsicum – Well I have 2 nice healthy looking plants.  Plant one (brought as a seedling) is pretty close to success.  It has quite a few flowers on it and a couple look like they are starting to form fruit.  Plant 2 (my Yates Colour Salad Selection Capsicum grown from seed) is my biggest surprise after an extremely long germination period I now have a very healthy looking but yet to flower.
  2. Scaping in by the skin of its teeth Award – Carrots – Today I pulled my first baby carrot!  I looked great, tasted great and I notice the 2 more rows of Yates Manchester Table Seed Tape Carrots are starting to grow also.  SUCCESS!
  3. Most Confusing Award – Tomatoes – The Big Beef tomato seedling I purchased has my first tomato on it so this plant is successful.  The rest of the plants Yates Grosse Lisse, Yates Heirloom and Yates Tiny Tim are all at various sizes despite being sown at the same time.  I can’t get over how differently they all have grown!  I still hold hope that they will all sort out their crap and produce lots of tomatoes tho.
  4. Nek Minit Award – Zucchini – My tunnel house plant (brought as a seedling) I have had a few Zucchini off until ‘Nek Minit’ I decided to trim the lower leaves off as they looked very dead and now my poor plant is looking rather sick.  My outside plant, the Yates Black Beauty Zucchini, is just starting to flower so there is still hope for more Zucchini
  5. Highest Acheiver Award – Lettuce – Most definitely a SUCCESS!  I have more lettuce than we can eat!  The radicchio and Yates Mesculn Mix have done well both inside and outside of the tunnel house.  The outside plants I am most impressed with given they have survived Hail, Frosts, Snow and Gale Force Winds!!!!!!!
  6. Fight Club Award - Beans – These poor Yates Purple King Beans have taken a hammering and are finally showing real progess.  I have no doubt they will eventually give me some beans but the snow in particular seemed to hold them back.  Next year I will plant these later on but for this challenge I will mark them as IN PROGRESS
  7. Blasted Award – Bug Control.  Last year my plants were terrible looking covered in holes and bugs and white flecks this year they are almost perfect!  I put it down to actually trying to fight them using Yates Blitzem and Natures Way Fruit and Vege Gun, my sister kung fu snail attack and trying companion planting.
  8. Most Frustrating Plant AwardYates Sugarbaby Watermelon – This is my fault thinking It would do well outside in Invercargill rather than saving a spot in my tunnel house.  I killed a few seedlings thanks to snow and a drowning incident.  I have a few more so I haven’t given up yet.
  9. Biggest Failure AwardYates Hanging Basket Flower Mix – Yeah well this is totally my fault opps I didn’t realise it until we took the baskets down to paint the fence but because I couldn’t see in them when hanging I didnt notice they were a touch dry……..ok so it a bit more like the sahara desert in there so I’m thinking I should ask santa for a better sprinkler system.
  10. Biggest Improvement Award – My fence (and the garden overall since last year it was an overgrown jungle)  I love the new fence colour and how pretty and colourful it makes everything else look.
  11. Biggest Pest Award – Ben – Yip the new family pet has earned this award for squashing my potatoes, digging holes, chewing plants and today trying to sleep in my raspberry bush GRRR
  12. Most Fun Moment - Seed Bombing – I had a blast hiding seeds at nicolajanes, my sisters (which was my biggest success as it climbed out of her wall) and my mums (biggest failure cos the woman doesn’t water the plant at her door apparently!)

Well there you have it some of the more stand out moments/plants during my blog time.  I also grew ALOT of other things as well that deserve a mention like my very successful Yates Radishes, my still growing spring onions, Yates Pea’s and large healthy Yates Sweet Basil.  The Broccoli I was given by Nicolajane has done really well also, my lemon tree is finally getting new growth on it, there are strawberries ready to pick and my grapevine looks like I could start my own wine label. 

Also last but not least a huge thank you  to all my friends and family who have been held at ransom for votes and have helped out along the way.  Also for all of those who have read my posts and commented its awesome and made me feel like I wasn’t a crazy person posting into thin air.

I’ll post more photo’s up until the close of the competition but for now its just some before and afters as there is only room for 4.  I hope to see you all back here for the Autumn Challenge :)