A garden away from my garden

Sarah the Gardener for Yates is talking about growing Beans, Capsicum, Sweetcorn, Tomato, Zucchini, Lettuce from Waikato


Today was an interesting day.  I am a long way away from my garden and think of it often.  I wonder if all the rain we are getting here is being rained down on my garden, is it getting enough? Is it getting too much? – have the seeds I planted come up yet?  Is it being looked after with the same care and attention I would give it?  However lately I have been neglecting it terribly and so I guess I should be wondering if it is being looked after better that I have been recently?!  I hope the strawberries are being eaten and not wasted…  Are the peas fat enough to eat yet? Are the zukes being harvested in a timely fashion or will I come home to marrows? Will it look different by the time I get home?  It probably will ever so slightly, but will it have grown beyond all recognition?  Probably not!

So here I am in what I would like to call the middle of nowhere, but Mum would kill me!  So let me rephrase that:  here I am in my home town, and as a birthday present to Mum I put aside some of my spares and sowed some extra seeds and have brought them down here for mum for her garden, to give her fresh food for her larder in the months to come – the gift that just keeps giving. 

This morning we woke up to a cracker day – it was hot and sunny and so I thought I’ve got all day to plant these seedlings and so I enjoyed the vacation atmosphere and lazed about.  Then we headed out to Mitre 10 (it’s strange that they all look the same on the inside – I could have been at home!) and wandered about as I usually do and then ended up with potting mix and compost – as I usually do.  But then I did something out of the ordinary and rescued two punnets of shallots from the “please rescue me” bin for a $1 each.

The strange thing is, well the compost is different from at home. The packaging is the same but ours is like rotted plant material, but here it’s more like rotted sawdust so I lobbed in heaps of blood and bone where ever I used it.

Once I got a chance to finally check out Mums garden – I was a bit shocked, and it dawned on me how blessed I am to have so much space.  Her garden is roughly 5 metres by 5 metres and was jam packed already.  So I squeezed in all my plants into spaces that were way too tight and created more space by harvesting and pulling out the broad bean plant I gave her in the spring.  I also put stuff in pots on her deck. 

Then just as we finished the weather packed in again and the rain came pouring down so we raced inside knowing my plants would be getting a great start in their new home.

Come again soon – should be back in my own garden for a final report!

Sarah the Roving Gardener  :o)