Our Monarch Butterfly is under threat!  

So, this National Gardening Week Kiwis are being called upon to plant butterfly friendly plants to help save the caterpillars when they hatch in Spring and Summer.

Last year saw a national shortage of Swan plants, the main diet of Monarch caterpillars, causing a large number of the population to be wiped out.

Yates is getting behind the drive to avert a similar crisis this year by giving away various FREE butterfly friendly seeds including new Yates Butterfly Field Mix seeds between 1st and 14th October 2018.

Just register below during this time to receive your packet of seeds.

A national planting day will be held on 20th October. Plant a Swan plant or other butterfly friendly plants in your garden, in your neighbor’s garden, at school, in your local community garden – and let’s help Monarch butterflies flourish.

National Gardening Week aims to foster a love of gardening with a focus on growing not only plants but friendships, good health, strong communities and closer connections with nature. Whether it’s a few pots on the balcony, a small patch or an extensive garden, everyone can experience the joy of gardening.

Watch out for details of the Yates Budding Young Gardener competition – a national search to discover some of our best young gardeners. The winner will be announced during National Gardening Week.

Get your FREE packet of seeds! Offer open from 1st – 14th October

Here’s how you redeem:

You will receive a packet from a selection of 9 different butterfly friendly seeds, including Yates Butterfly Field Mix, Asclepias, Borage, Cosmos, Californian Poppies and more. There is one entry allowed per household and all entries must be in by 5pm 14th October, 2018.

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