The Problem

Creeping Oxalis

Oxalis corniculata, Oxalis corymbosa, Oxalis pes-caprae

Creeping oxalis (Oxaliscorniculata) has tiny clover to heart shaped leaves, that form roots wherever the stems touch the ground. Creeping oxalis is a common weed of lawns and because the stems creep under lawn runners of buffalo, kikuyu and couch, it is hard to eradicate. Seeds are spread by movement of soil and water and lawn mowers.

Pink oxalis (Oxalis corymbosa) has large dark green heart shaped leaves and grows in clumps out of a small brown bulb. This plant begins its active growth in spring and mature plants have dozens of bulblets attached to the parent bulb.

Soursob (Oxalis pes-caprae) has clover-like leaves on unbranched stems and bright yellow flowers.

Heavy mulching will help to eliminate oxalis from garden beds.

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