Welcome to the Yates Growing Community

This community page is a place for gardeners to come together to share their, problems and find solutions, celebrate their successes with gardeners who understand and be inspire each other to grow great gardens. 

The growing community is open to all gardeners of all levels of experience from those just starting out to those with years of experience and with all garden sizes from a salad in a pot to a sprawling lifestyle block and everything in between.  

The Growing Community is excited to announce the start of the 12th annual

Yates 2021 Spring Vegie Growing Challenge

Welcome to the Vegie Growing Challenge, a wonderful community of gardeners from all over New Zealand regularly sharing their vegetable gardening trials and successes throughout the spring with plenty of opportunities to win great prizes.

3 MAJOR WINNERS will win $1000 Give a Garden Gift Card and $300 worth of Yates products

Runner Up Prizes:

  • Best Starting Out Gardener - $300 worth of Yates products
  • Best Vegie Growing Challenge Supporter, in honour of Carol Oates - $300 worth of Yates
  • Best Wild Card Winner- $300 worth of Yates products

The 2021 Yates Spring Vegie Growing Challenge starts on the 1st September 2021 and ends on the 10th December 2021

To find out more about the Vegie Growing Challenge and how you can be a part of it - click HERE  

To join the Yates Growing Community just click HERE, and then the "Join / Sign in" green button and you will be able to begin sharing straight away and become a part of the Vegie Growing Challenge.

Vegie Growing Challenge

The 12th Vegie Growing Challenge is back for another exciting season, with great prizes and a wonderful virtual community of keen gardeners supporting each other every day through the ups and downs of growing vegetables in a typical New Zealand spring. To find out how to be a part of this amazing challenge that has gardeners from all over the country come back year after year, click here for everything you need to know.

What’s Going On

* This week’s winner of the free pack of seeds is Birdhouse bend. Congratulations. Keep posting garden updates to be in to win the weekly free pack of seeds. * Mini Challenge Four: VEGETABLE RECIPES has now closed. The winners will be announced shortly... watch this space.

Sarah the Gardener from Yates

Sarah the Gardener from Yates will be here often in the community, to check in, offer encouragement and advice where needed and make sure the community is the friendly and supportive place we have come to enjoy. Click above to see her current blog. If you have any questions, please comment below her latest post.