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Garden ready!

I have been looking back at my garden photos from last December and everything is lacking way behind where it was last year, not just the veggie garden but also the hydrangeas, delphiniums and the lillies.

Last year the cucumber plants were huge and I was picking cucumbers, the tomato plants in the greenhouse were all touching the roof and I was picking tomatoes, the tomato plants outside were much further along. I had already picked a bananna capsicum from the greenhouse, the zucchini plants were massive and the beans had already reached the top of their trellis. 

This year my cucumbers are so slow and only now starting to flower, the tomatoes have some fruit but still waiting for any to be ripe, might still be a while, there is one little baby capsicum but its still a way off, the beans outside are only just getting to halfway up the trellis and the zucchini plants are still pretty small but flowering. 

All in all its been a little dissapointing but thats just how it goes, next year it will be completely different again and we just go with it.

I did have a wonderful day in the garden today, it was really warm and sunny and after the rain I just had to get out there. 

I planted spring onions, lettuce and spinach.  I pulled out my garlic which was a total flop and freshened up the soil with Yates Blood and Bone and Yates Dynamic lifter and planted a Yates Golden Nugget pumpkin I had ready to go. While I had the Blood and bone out I also gave each of the pots some and worked it into the soil gently. 

I fed the hanging baskets containing the cucumbers and pepinos, and also the coloured pots containing, zucchini, tomato, watermelon n and pattypan with Yates Veggie pods fertilizer

I also did a nice harvest of silverbeet, lettuce, spring onions, cellery and strawberries

So even though the garden has been slower than last year it is moving forward and we will get there in the end. The harvesting has started and there is nothing like homegrown.