In Progress

Creation Gardening is talking about growing Peas from Waikato

Garden in progress

Hello everyone.

Wow, is this really the last day for the competition?!

I have been crazy busy, so although I have been gardening, I haven’t done any posts!

(I guess I’m not much of a blogger.)

So, my mini greenhouse that I put all my plants in tipped over. Uh-oh. So then none of the plants in that lot grew except my pumpkins. And then when I transplanted them, they died. :(

Because of that, the only thing I’m left with is peas. (I have planted more things now, but they’re obviosly not ready.)

Anyway, I should be back on here next year, with more success, I hope!

So, the pic is some of my peas that I harvested. ( Also a mini onion and some new potatoes) I’ve had a lot, which is good.

Wishing you all the best,