Slowly getting there

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Garden in progress

Finally we seem to be getting some traction in the garden. This year we have some rather large projects to tackle and some that are reliant on others. But as they are trying to squeeze it in, in amongst there other jobs we have had to be patient. 

Over the last few years we have slowly lost some of the panels from our BBQ area from varying things – wind, trailers, balls and feet (preschoolers stuck in trees and using fences to climb down and the occasionall slipped foot). After trying to work out the best way to sort it, we finally came up with a cost effective way utlitlising what was already there. The builder has removed the damaged boards, rearranged the good boards and placed fencing palings in the remaining spaces. As the previous owners left a template for the shaping the builder has shaped the palings to match. Now I just need to find a dry day to paint them to match the railings and pergola. I can now finish planting out the flowers as we knew that they would potentially get trodden on during the work. Connor has grown some lovely sized cosmos and I am hoping that he will have a few spares for us to plant in there. 

The builder is also pulling out the semi broken fencing near the roses that has punga logs on and putting palings up there too. I love the punga logs but they degrade over time and it is becoming costly to replace. 

The next project which we hope to have finished by the weekend is the next two garden beds – yep – never say that it is it – no more. Or if you do, at least use the argument that your children need two more gardens and not for yourself. We also need to get new edging for around the rose garden and put the fencing up. The hardest job will definitely be the picket fence – but we will get there. We just need to get everything else in first. 

I must admit – I kind of get the easy job. I come up with the ideas and get the others to do the work. I will however help with moving the soil and the bark. 

In terms of the garden – things are humming along slowly. But I must admit, I am sort of torn. I know that in the next week or two the decision over what stays and what goes will need to be made. We actually have an amazingly full garden already (beetroot, carrots, kale, silver beet, spring onions, onions, garlic, cabbage, broccoli etc), but I know some things will have to go or we sacrifice our summer crops. Some of the beetroot, lettuce and carrots are starting to bolt and will need to come out – which is okay, because we have 3 more lots of each at varying stages. Yep – three people with three gardens actually means we have successfully managed succession planting for once. Because everyone wants some of the same things and noone has things all finished at the same time, most things are planted a month apart. The spaces that these will provide, along with the sprouting brocolli, will allow the boys to get their tomatoes and next lot of lettuce, spring onions and carrots in. The new gardens will provide the rest. One of my gardens will have to come out though – and that is the one that will need to be used for our tomatoes. However, if the kids get their’s in, I am okay to delay ours for another month (I sowed our seeds a few weeks later than the boys to allow for this). 

And while it feels like I am procrastinating somewhat, the reality is that it is so cold up here at the moment and temps are fluctuating up and down week by week, I am kind of glad I am holding off. The plants are still growing well in the porch area, which I think is much better than plants sulking outside in the cold.