The autumn invaders


Gardeners are usually concerned about the pests that attack their plants, but autumn’s the season when other pests can also become troublesome in our homes and gardens.

Rats and mice
Rats and mice are the worst autumn invaders. As the weather gets colder, they start looking for food and shelter. They’re after cosy places where they can make nests and ride out the winter. And, while rodents cause minor damage in city and suburban households, they can create major havoc when they attack stored crops in country areas.

These days there’s an effective method for controlling nuisance rodents. Racumin Rat and Mouse Paste comes in convenient sachets that can be used indoors or outside under cover. The sachets can be tossed into roof areas or behind cupboards and the fridge – anywhere that rats or mice are likely to hide and shelter.

Because the extra-tasty bait paste in the Racumin sachets is highly attractive to rats and mice the pests will usually continue feeding until they’ve eaten the entire sachet (even the biodegradable paper outer coating).

Because pests must feed several times on Racumin in order to ingest a lethal dose, it’s important to continue baiting for at least two weeks – longer if possible. This multiple feed feature helps reduce the risk of secondary poisonings (that’s when a predator such as a bird eats a dead rat or mouse).

Racumin sachets don’t crumble or go mouldy so they’ll remain in good condition for a long time. Racumin is available in 100g and 250g pack sizes.

Female adult fleas must have a feed of blood before they lay their eggs, which is why they’re always busy biting and making life a scratching misery for pets and other host animals. Active adult fleas on pets can be treated with suitable registered controls, but the pupal stage of larval fleas can remain dormant in the soil for months. Then, when stirred into activity by the movement of a passing animal, the fleas leap up and attach themselves to its fur. Hence, as well as cleaning carpets and indoor floors to remove fleas, it’s important to treat the outdoor areas that pets favour.

One of most effective ways to destroy dormant fleas is by sprinkling Blitzem Ant Flea & Tick Killer granules onto areas frequented by pets. These granules are based on a synthetic pyrethroid (man-made pyrethrum) that provides a low toxic flea solution.

The granules will create a rain resistant, flea-killing layer in the soil or leaf litter.

Other pests
Control ants, spiders, earwigs, silverfish,lice, spiders, carpet beetles, woodlice and brown carpet moth in and around the house with the easy-to-use Yates Ant & Spider Trigger. Depending on the pest and the surface, this product can create a layer that continues to control pests for up to two months.


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