Solving Weed Problems At The End Of Winter

What exactly is a weed? Definitions abound, but a weed is generally considered to be a plant that’s growing where it isn’t wanted. And, as winter comes to an end, it often seems that the weeds are about to take over the entire garden.

Hydrocotyle. This weed can creep into your Lawn and Garden over winter and can rapidly expand as soon as the warmer spring weather arrives. If your soil is wet, and more acidic than is ideal or if you haven’t tidied up the lawn in Autumn, fertilised and repaired the gaps created due to summer wear and tear or the use of a selective herbicide for broadleaf, then it’s open season.  Hydrocottle is a problem because it tolerates many of the traditional selective herbicides used on the lawn. You will need to apply Yates Hydrocotyle Killer Concentrate. For long term control of Hydrocotyle it might be necessary to apply some Yates Thrive Natural Garden Lime, aerate and improve the drainage.

If you have Hydrocotyle in your Garden, then an application of Yates Zero Weedkiller Super Concentrate will control it. This Glyphosate based weedkiller won’t stay active in the soil around your desirable plants but do take care when applying around desirable plants and avoid overspray. Using a Zero Weed Brush or old paint brush is a good way to limit the amount of weedkiller being applied.  Your garden soil also could be telling you that it is wet & compacted and a little too acidic than is ideal. If the surrounding ornamentals are not acid loving, (Azaleas, Camelias & Rhododendrons) then an application of Yates Thrive Natural Garden Lime and in general a good garden compost worked into the soil will help.

Moss invades your lawn over winter when the wetter conditions are ideal. However, it is usually the result of an invite.  Like Hydrocotyle, if your soil is wet, and more acidic than is ideal or if you haven’t tidied up the lawn in Autumn, fertilised and repaired the gaps created due to summer wear and tear or the use of a selective herbicide for broadleaf then it’s open season. If you leave the moss to burn off over summer, then those gaps are generally filled with more weeds. A well-fed healthy lawn in Autumn is your best defence against moss. To control moss in lawns, use Yates Moss & Algae Hose On for its easy to use hose on applicator and unlike Iron sulphate won’t stain your path ways brown due to careless application. It is also able to be used on all surfaces not just your lawn so if you have some left over from the lawn you can clean up moss n algae on the patio or fence.

Other lawn weeds – such as clover, dandelions, oxalis and capeweed – can also be removed with a selective weedkiller. Convenient, Yates Weed n Feed Double Action Hose On combines a selective weedkiller with a lawn fertiliser – hence its descriptive name! If your winters are very cold and there is the likelihood of frosts it is advised to wait for the warmer weather of spring, so as not risk damaging the lawn.

Weeds in garden beds can be removed using a glyphosate herbicide such as Yates Zero Weedkiller-Super Concentrate. Zero is available as a concentrate that’s diluted in water before use, or in a ready-prepared trigger pack. Yates Zero Rapid 1 Hr Weedkiller-Ready To Use, Glyphosate is non-selective, which means it will kill any plant material it contacts. This, obviously, means it must be applied with great care.

A popular form of Zero – Yates Zero Rapid Concentrate 1-Hour Action Weedkiller – works twice as fast as the original Zero, so is a good choice if quicker results are important.

One easy way to apply Zero is with  the Zero Weeding Brush. This is a hollow tube that’s fitted with a sturdy brush at the end. After the tube is filled with a Zero mixture, the herbicide flows down the tube and onto the bristles where it can be ‘brushed’ onto weeds from arm’s length. The flow of herbicide is controlled by a specially-designed valve. There’s no bending of kneeling and no overspray.

Use Zero Tough Heavy Duty Weedkiller to control Hard to kill weeds in the garden like Ivy, Convolvulus, Wandering Trad, Onion weed, Bamboo, Agapanthus, Gorse, Blackberry, Pampas Grass, Tuber Ladder Fern and more. It contains a water soluble, blue highlighter for easy identification of treated weeds and after the application the blue highlighter will vanish due to exposure to sunlight.

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