This plant is a very versatile plant used for teas, scented soap and as an accent plant in an herb garden. A very hardy plant in the garden, it has beautiful lemon scented foliage.

How to grow lemon verbena in a garden

  1. Choose a well drained sunny spot in the garden and enrich the soil with some Yates Thrive Natural Blood & Bone with Seaweed before planting.
  2. Sow seeds direct or in seedling trays. You can propagate by stem cuttings from new growth in the spring
  3. Water on a moderate basis. When seedlings germinate, use a liquid fertiliser at half strength like Yates Thrive Natural Fish Seaweed+ Plant Food Concentrate. Thin seedlings when young. 
  4. Harvest in the spring when new foliage emerges. Tip prune to keep bushy.





How to grow lemon verbena in a pot

  1. Choose a pot at least 200 mm- 300 mm wide and deep and place in a sunny position. Apply a good potting mix like Yates Premium Potting Mix
  2. Sow seeds direct or carefully place propagated plants into the soil. They will grow to about 1 m x 1 m wide. 
  3. In the growing season feed with a liquid fertiliser like Yates Thrive Natural Fish Seaweed+ Plant Food Concentrate to keep healthy. 
  4. Look to re-pot after two or three years to refresh the potting mix and help growing conditions.

Growing tips

  • Tip prune to keep in shape
  •  Keep the soil well drained, this plant does not like wet feet


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