National Gardening Week

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Dust off the gloves.  Dig out the spade.  Get ready to get your hands dirty.  

National Gardening Week is coming up 6th-13th October 2017.

The Week aims to foster a love of gardening with a focus on growing not only plants but friendships, good health, strong communities and closer connections with nature. 
This year’s National Gardening Week is about getting everyone into the garden, whether experienced, passionate gardeners or just starting out. 

During the week people are encouraged to help out in their community garden, lend a hand in a neighbour’s garden or get stuck in to their own.  Not quite sure where to start?  Seek out a local knowledgeable gardener and learn. 

Kiwis love their gardens – whether it’s a quarter acre or a few pots on the deck – everyone can experience the joy of gardening.  It’s good for the soul!

To celebrate National Gardening Week, Yates is giving away a free packet of seeds between 1st and 13th October. 

So remember to come back to this page, join the Yates Garden Club, and get your free packet of seeds!

10 things to do during National Gardening Week:

  1. Begin a bee friendly garden – blue, purple and yellow-flowering plants are their favourites
  2. Brighten up the garden with a hanging basket of flowers – or fill with strawberry plants
  3. Plant microgreens for the kitchen window sill
  4. Feed your plants to get them ready for the Spring growth spurt
  5. Start a compost bin or worm bin to convert kitchen scraps into a valuable plant food
  6. Volunteer for a local replanting programme
  7. Join your local garden club
  8. Lend a hand in your community gardens
  9. Help a neighbour in need – offer to weed their garden
  10. Visit a Botanical Garden or local park and stop and smell the roses

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